The object of the company is to provide safe, adequate and reliable transport to and from Dartford & Wilmington Grammar Schools




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These have been drawn up to ensure that the coaches remain a safe and clean environment for everybody to travel on.

We do not want our drivers to have their attention distracted whilst in motion and neither do we expect them to have to clean the coaches and upholstery (or pick up litter) after every trip so that they are ready for any 'follow on' booking.


Passes are to be shown by students at all times when boarding the Coaches. The Pass is only valid for the coach pickup point shown on the pass. (For temporary transfers to another coach see Guest Pass procedure). Students without a valid pass may not be allowed to board the coach.


 The driver (and/or Mr. Bracey) is in charge of the coach, and his/her instructions are to be obeyed.

Students are expected to sit in year order on the coach, starting with year 7 at the front, year 8 behind them etc. (Any student needing a front seat due to travel sickness may sit there). Generally only 6th Form students should be occupying the rear seats.


No person may smoke on the Coaches.


No student may stand, change seats, or sit in the aisles of coaches whilst the vehicle is in motion, except in emergency circumstances with the consent of the driver.

 Seat belts, where fitted, MUST be worn- (This is a legal requirement, with a penalty of up to £1000).


Students will not cause food, drink or any other object (including paper) to be thrown about on the coaches.

Bottles/cans (including aerosol cans)/cartons of drink are to remain in students' bags on the coach.

   No Ice Cream or Iced Lollies are allowed onto, and no Food (including chocolate, chewing/bubble gum and fruit) or  Drinks  are to be consumed on the coaches.


Litter is to be taken off the coach to be disposed of properly, and not dropped on the floor or put in unsealed  ashtrays       


Students should queue for transport in an orderly manner and should they never approach a coach whilst it is in motion.

    (The driver is not able to watch both wing mirrors at the same time and does not expect to find students on the road between the coach and the kerb, particularly at the schools, where road space is at a premium from 3.30-4.00pm!)

Verbal or physical abuse or insulting behaviour towards any other person, whether student or adult (irrespective of whether the recipient is on the coach) will not be tolerated.

Similarly, bullying of other students whilst waiting for the coach or in transit between home and school, and vice  versa, will be regarded as misconduct and treated accordingly. Fighting of any sort is forbidden.


Feet are to remain on the floor and must not be put on the coach seats.

Any damage to the seats or fittings of the coach will result in immediate withdrawal of the pass and a bill for repairs will be sent to the parents/guardians of the student concerned.


All Wilmington students must board the coaches at WGSG COACH PARK.   


Any breach of these rules may be brought to the attention of parents/guardians concerned as well as the school and may result in temporary suspension of the pass.

Following this first warning, any further breaches may result in the coach pass being withdrawn and alternative transport arrangements will have to be made by the parents/guardians of the student concerned. Pro rata refunds will be made.



Guests may be carried, if space is available, at the discretion of the Company,  for an appropriate fee, payable at the school office in advance. A phone call to our office, (or an email to – (Subject =Temporary coach pass)

the day before, at the latest, will enable the student to collect a temporary pass from the school office, unless we advise you that there is no space. (Students are quite capable of making the call themselves.)


If any unauthorised person is caught travelling, then they will be banned from using our coaches and the student who invited them to travel will have their pass withdrawn permanently.