The coaches will normally keep to the timetables but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances (usually traffic jams) they may run a few minutes late.


(They should never leave a stop early, but all students should try to be at the stop at least two minutes before the scheduled departure time in case the driver's watch/clock is not showing exactly the same time as yours.)


The time shown on timetables is the DEPARTURE time and all students should be on the coach by that time.


If a coach arrives at a Pickup Point at or after the departure time, and there is nobody waiting there, then the driver will not necessarily stop, as he is looking for standing students not parked cars.




A) In the mornings, if a coach is more than 10 mins late (or 5 mins at first pickup) then a polite phone call to the late coach number shown on the pass (from 1 student at each pickup) will alert us and you will be advised you of the position.


The students should remain at the pickup point, as transport will always eventually arrive, even if it means sending another vehicle, (unless a road is closed).


If there is a known delay, which will result in the students arriving late, we always inform the schools,


B) In the evenings, all students should be at the pickup points no later than 10 minutes after the end of the last lesson (3:40pm)


However, the coaches may not arrive until later than that due to the congestion at the schools and the problems of having to filter over 20 buses and coaches (including Public Transport buses) through space for 6 or 7 buses (if parents haven’t reduced this by parking their cars in Bus/coach bays)


If the coach has not arrived at the Wilmington Boys by 4.00pm, Wilmington Girls by 4.05pm or Dartford (Becket Sports) by 3.45pm then the school office should be advised and they will phone us for information (if we have not already contacted the school office about a known delay). Again we would reiterate that a coach will always eventually arrive.


If parents are concerned because their children are over 30 minutes late home then a phone call to our office, or the lost property number shown on the pass, will hopefully allay their fears.


Please don't make appointments for your children for music/dance or any other kind of out of school activity to start within half an hour of the scheduled time of arrival home after school. In the event of delays, this only causes stress on parents and children and leads to irate telephone calls out of all proportion to the problem.




A pass will be issued on the payment of the invoice (see Rules of Travel)


The Company reserves the right to withdraw the coach pass of any student who is a problem or a disruptive influence during the journeys undertaken. This includes contravening the Rules of Travel.


The Company has the right to withhold coach passes (or recover passes already issued) if payment of the fees is not received by the due date.




There is a Registration Fee of £10.00, per household, due on first applying for a place on one of the coaches. This is to defray costs involved in rearranging lists and routes each year and to deter the practice of reserving a place, on the off-chance that this may be required. THIS IS A NON REFUNDABLE CHARGE.


The cost of the coach travel is based on the total number of students travelling and the total cost of the coaches.


Places are normally only allocated on a yearly basis and payment is required bi-termly in advance, or by monthly bankers order payments, payable till May each year. Post-dated monthly cheques are not acceptable as a substitute for banker's orders.   


A minimum of One Term’s notice (under the new 6 term year system) is required for cancellation of places.




In the event of a lost or destroyed pass, a temporary duplicate pass can be obtained from the school office and a phone call to our office, on arrival home, will usually ensure that a proper duplicate pass, at a cost of £2.00, is at the school office, normally by the following lunchtime. It is not necessary for parents to make the phone call, as all students are quite capable of doing this for themselves.


(Please ensure that your son/daughter has read and understood RULES OF TRAVEL



The object of the company is to provide safe, adequate and reliable transport to and from the schools